Jayne Cunliffe

I create stoneware vessels and ceramic interpretations of the seashore. I am inspired by the colour and the movement of the sea and its effect on the shore; the ebb and flow of its energy as well as its impact of creating sea-washed, weather-worn and eroded surfaces.

Combining textures, patterns, colours and movement, with evoked feelings and emotions, each pot I create has its own unique character and tells its own life story.

Forms are wheel thrown, then sculpted and manipulated, to reflect energy and fluidity. I apply oxides, glazes, and lustres to the inside and outside of the vessels, by dipping, pouring, brushing,and sponging, in various combinations, to create mood, movement and mutation.

The pots are made so that they can live outside as well as inside, and so are high-fired to 1240C-1260C.

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