Ten Bays – 2019

Ten Bays: Warbarrow, Brandy, Hobarrow, Kimmeridge, Egmont Bight, Champan’s Pool, Durlston, Swanage, Studland and Shell

An exploration through present practice and new work of the artistic legacy and cultural associations of the Purbeck coast by artists and makers of the Boilerhouse Gallery. 

A bay represents safe haven and pleasure; the confluence of land and sea. It has an elemental shape, a rich variety of colour and texture, and a pattern that is endlessly replicated by natural forces. It’s curving form is an instantly recognized paradigm of the coast and an inspiration to artists and makers. The six bays of the title are on our doorstep, each with a marked individuality and historical resonance that we are eager to explore.

​Continuing the legacy that has drawn artists and makers to the area for generations, this exhibition had a strong Purbeck flavour, with the focus on the detail of the coastal environment and reflected in the wide variety and high standards of work that distinguishes the Boilerhouse Gallery. As with 2016’s ‘To The Lighthouse’, this exhibition challenged us to make new work and develop new techniques.